Scoraig Homebuilt Windpower Workshop

12-18th July 2008

Thanks to Siva, Mike, Fenando and Bob for many of the photos here.

Below left the April wind turbine that we visited on the Wednesday tour.  
The furling offset from yaw centre is opposite to my usual. 
I am trying to make a habit of offsetting them this way,
 but somehow we failed to get the July one offset on that side (see right hand photo).

Once again we used William and Cathy's shed.  We built an awning for the welding because there were some showers of rain.
This was the first course to use my new 2008 edition Recipe Book.

Cutting out the blade blanks from Siberian larch pieces.
Each blade was 1200 mm long.

My new system for cutting the blade roots to 120 degrees so they fit together.

The new coil winder just as one notch and we used a cable tie to secure the coil until it was out of the winder.

3 phase winding connections, and tails coming out of the mould.

The resin mixing team.

Lauren vibrates the rotor mould to remove bubbles, using a hammer drill.

We got everything into the moulds at the end of Tuesday.

The tail hinge setup.

Getting the stator centred prior to drilling its mounding holes.

Assembling the alternator...

Abidah using the cordless drill and socket to whizz the jacking screws into place.

It did rain, but we got a breeze and produced a few amps into a 48 volt battery bank.

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