'How to build a wind turbine' workshop

Shanti Griha SCORAIG 6-13th June 2009

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John Whitfield, Jan Wentink, Denver Hornsby, Bukelwa Hornsby, John Wilson, Jupp Reichert, Hugh Piggott
more photos here

JC cuts a blade out

Jupp measured the drop

The Hornsby team welding.

Jan counts to 55 with 2 wires.

Bukelwa uses a cable tie to fish for the end of the electrical tap under the coil.

Casting a magnet rotor in the midges.

Holding the chisels very tightly.

John sets the stator on centre using a piece of wire.

Jupp welds the tail hinge in place.

John looks for lumps and burrs.

The 1800 turbine from the previous workshop was a useful reference.

Making a heavier tower for the 3 metre turbine.

Drilling clearance holes in the blade assembly.

Going right down the field to near the AWP turbine.

She flies.

Don't ask me why the spaceship is going down in the sea.  (It's complicated.)

Kathrin Cooper and Cathy Dagg.

Shanti Griha

More photos of the workshop are here

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From Jan:

"Hugh about the space ship going down or (depending on the interpretation) emerging from the sea.
Had al to do about an interpretation of me, of the sentence “a banded the sinking ship” in “a band on a sinking ship”  plus our conversations about “star track” and the space ship the enterprise ………..  
The sentence with the picture covers neatly the confusion on the whole story……….
My handicap dyslexia might create un intended new words………. Or puts words in places where they should not be

The song as promised  and probably exaggerating our influence

Jan Jupp
Melody Dona dona dona dona among others on recorded by Donovan an Joan Baeze  
Come to sunny scoraic Scotland
There’s the place where you love to be
Bureaucrats and politicians
Live the midgets and annargie
And the wind is laughing
it laugh’s with al its might
Plays with band on sinking ship
will the enterprise1 survive
Jedi’s2 Denver John and JC
Jupp Jan Hugh and  Bugelwa  
we where sawing plaining welding
made the world more wind turbinised 3
winding copper making moulds
all renewably energised
And the wind is laughing
it laugh’s with al its might
band with live jackets on sinking ship
the enterprise it might survive
Jedi’s Denver John and JC
Jupp Jan Hugh and  Bugelwa  
Coils and magnets blades and stationers
Al as part of a strange world new
Speed amperes voltage windings
We came there with a guide named Hugh
And the wind is laughing
Emerging from the sea
space ship earth as it survives
thanks to this and you and me
Jedi’s Denver John and JC
Jupp Jan Hugh and  Bugelwa  
1“the enterprise” could be seen as earth it self………. for more information look wikipedia <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Episode_IV:_A_New_Hope>Star Wars,
2 the <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jedi>Jedi, who use the Force for good
3 ‘wind turbinised’ did not find it in the dictionary but probably understandable