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To people around the world who are building axial flux wind turbines using my design.

North and central America

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Discussion board with loads of homebrew wind projects and more.  An ongoing source of inspiration.  New messages with pictures every day.

Craig and Connie Cook 
in southern Ontario

We are hoping to make this into a kind of turbine co-op where everyone who come to put one together comes back 
with the knowledge that they have gained to help other people to put one together.We have a dedicated bunch who get together almost every week at our house to work on their turbines. 

The atmosphere is fun and very enthusiastic! Everyone helps everyone else. Some are farther along than others, so they help to guide the newcomers. 

Craig smiling for Mike as he stands beside his stator on our little test tower by our house. Good Shot Mike! 


Axial flux windmill plans now available in Italian

Come costruire un generatore eolico

di Antonio Cecere e Beatrice Paparella

Stephen Bertolone 
Castiglione Chiavarese (GE) Italy (translation software)

Busy building turbines


Turning Wind Turbines in Ghana EnterpriseWorks/VITA’s wind energy project in Ghana was recently featured in African Energy Journal, a journal reporting on the African continent's fast-developing power infrastructure, with an emphasis on providing early notification of emerging projects.  The article is reprinted with permission.  

Wind turbine construction at University of Dschang. Cameroon, Africa.
Before Scoraig 2003 
After Scoraig 2003
the Scoraig-built turbine has finally got to Cameroon..... 
Julius Kewir Tangka goes to customs in Douala to fetch the turbine we built in 2003 (a story).
"I recently used our wind turbine in a exhibition when the US Ambassador visited my work shop. You will fine the pictures here ."
 Lots of Photos of the turbine project


Joaquin Campos

U.S. Army
Teaching local Afghani nationals how to build and install wind turbine generators
yellow rose
The prototype wind turbine which we affectionately named the “Yellow Rose of Texas”, has been up and generating electricity for about a month now.  It is working great!  I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hugh Piggot of SCORAIG Wind, for the inspiration for this project.  His research, ingenuity and design work has been invaluable. Currently we plan to install a small example system to show the wind turbine’s usefulness.  We are working on that right now.  Now the hard part has started.  I am just now beginning the construction manual that will be translated into Dari which I hope to have done in late Feb, early March.  TF DEVIL has funded a $10,000 pilot program using CERP funds to conduct a workshop here at Ghazni where SGT Garza and I will teach local nationals how to build and install the wind turbine generators. I want to start a class in mid-March with three to four contractors from the provinces of Ghazni and Wardak.  We are already in contact with three of the contractors and they are very excited about the opportunity to learn how to build and install these machines.  I am enclosing four pictures of the wind turbine; one of them is SGT Garza my technician (right hand man) and I in the shop with the assembled turbine a few days before it was first erected.

Mark Pitterle builds an axial flux wind turbine in India

Our current project is to design, develop, and implement sustainable energy systems for the villagers of the Narmada river valley in India. 

A photograph of the new HAWT built in India in the Spring of 2005! Team members Mark Pitterle and Rachel Werther worked alongside the villagers of the Mozda Collective to raise the first wind turbine in the Narmada River Valley. Field performance data is now being gathered.


Axial flux windmill plans
now also available in French!

French homebrew site - en Francais