How to build a Wind Turbine - Four Winds Inspiration Centre

Edinburgh 15-20 March 2004

Group shot on left.  Neil, Richard and Fraser on right.

Once again we had a lot of fun at Four Winds.

We used some slight improvements but basically just built the 2.4 metre and 1.2 metre diameter machines from the plans.  The stator for the bigger machine had a new style of siring exit through the surround that made it easier to place the coils in their final position and fit the lid without disturbing them.

Bruce and Sankurie in the metalwork tent that bruce built.  Brilliant tent, Bruce!  Thanks for the photos, Sankurie!

Liam carves a blade.

Bob, Sally, Maidar and Doug assembling the alternator.  3 jacking screws work nicely.

Mohammed helps Doug keep the front rotor straight during assembly

Jenn cranks up the alternator.  Jenn came over from Ontario.

Lee wires up the new style rectifier box.

Blade hub assembly

Maidar and Bruce play with the tail.  The blades are now on and balanced.

Rob poses for the picture.  Maidar checks the tail furling force.

Richard battles on with the smaller turbine.


On to the tower top

Hoisting it up

Jenn records the sweet music of wind energy.  We saw 700 watts output in the turbulent gusts.