Chez Krug avec Tripalium France August 2008

Some stuff around (mostly wind turbines surprisingly)!

Eolienne : JIMP 20 Garantie : 2 an(s)
Diamètre : 8 m Mats adaptés : TUH10/TUA10
Puissance : 20000 W Charge batterie : OUI
Vitesse de vent nominale : 12 m/s Connexion : OUI
[email protected]/s : 15000 W Poids : 680 kg
Tension disponible : 380 V Plus d'info...

Serge came to see us!  Since 2004 he has built his own wind turbine.

2.3 Megawatt Enercons right there at Krug Wind - yum yum!

Also the old Nordex 800kW turbines still going strong.

Not far away a couple of Aircon turbines.

Installing the 4 metre turbine that we built last year.  Bouyssoniee August 2008 with Tripalium Thomas Gros.

Windy boy inverter and controller.

data so far...

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