Chez Krug avec Tripalium France August 2008


Camille cuts out the shape with a power saw.

Shaping the windward face of the blade

Pascal checks the leading edge for straightness(?)

There is always someone who prefers to use the belt sander!  Pierre in this case.

Pierre shows me a new way to check that the back is parallel while cutting the thickness.

Jay deals with a big knot.  We filled with 'mastic' and covered with glass fibre and epoxy glue.  I hope it's enough!

Dominique starts to carve the back into a curve.

Fixing the three together.  A new system for making 120 degrees.

Olivier drills holes in the hub.  Olivier took so many photos that he hardly appears in any.  Thanks for the photos Olivier!

Balancing the blades

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