Renewable Energy Equipment

Trading as Scoraig Wind Electric I have sold and installed a few stand alone wind, hydro and pv systems along with batteries and inverters for stand-alone systems.  I am happy to spend time on the phone or by e-mail (not so happy with letters) discussing your requirements.  I often have to persuade people not to buy a wind turbines, which is hard, but necessary if they have very little wind or they think they can save money off their mains electricity bill.  I try to limit my sales to successful systems.  In fact I spend a lot more time teaching people to build their own turbines these days, and you may have to push pretty hard to get me out installing systems nowadays.  But I can supply parts and know-how.   Contact me for a quote if you need batteries, inverters, wind turbines, hydros or any other small renewable gear.  Design assistance is free.


I sell and support Morningstar charge controllers, including the Tristar 45 and 60 amp controllers and the Relay driver.
These have proved to be the best controllers for battery charging off small wind turbines.

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Wind turbines

 I sell the Ampair Hawk, which is probably the most robust wind turbine I have ever come across.  This is the land based version of the Ampair 100 turbine.  The Hawk is suitable for a very small bothy or holiday home in a windy spot.  It can deliver about 15kWh of electricity a month. 
Here is one on Scoraig 
The Ampair is a battery-charging wind turbine with 12 and 24 volt options.  It is usually necessary to buy a separate regulator to control the battery charge rate.

I act as an agent for Wind and Sun.

Hydro turbines are usually the best option if you have a suitable site.  I sell Powerspout

and the North American battery charging turbines from Energy Systems and Design, and Harris hydroelectric.

Photo: Paul Cunningham of Energy Systems and Design, Canada