Information about the biggest axial flux alternator I have built -

updated December 2009

The actual wind turbine (Alan's) has been in action since about 1998. 
You can see pictures of it near the bottom of my year 2000 tour page.

BLADE DIAMETER 5 metres / 16 feet
POWER 4000 watts at 220 rpm

Page 1 shows the first alternator we made, using 46 x 30 mm magnets MAY/JUNE 2004

see page 2 for erection and subsequent events...
It wasn't really up to the job, so we built another one using longer 70 mm magnets.
So far that has worked well and we are building more with this magnet size but using more turns per coil. 
Now we use 80 turns of 1.6mm wire (14 AWG) in the coils.