WINDHORSE FARM wind turbine workshop with Silverfoot

27th April - 2nd May 2009
videovideo link

The group photo - with most of the group on the last day.

BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Garrett Anders-Lauten, Jim and Margaret Drescher, Kevin Lyles, Tom MacDonald, Cam Larocque, Kenneth MacKenzie, Lou Putney, Ryan Berkinshow, Wade Short, Jeffrey Allen, Babak Farsi, Anna Mukpo, John Knowles, Jim Wagner,Carl Youngbluth, Woody Thompson, and Melani Pigat

FRONT ROW; Jonathan McKeever, Nyima Wimberly, Leonard Hanrahan, David Nodding, Hugh Piggott, Bill Gregory, Phillippe Inácio-Goetsch, Roberto Gueli, Anke Kungl

Greg Pace and Robie Gourd, in centre and right hand side here
 Chester Pyne on the right here
and Peter Knowles