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 Temaruru is a site in the eastern highlands where Powertronics of Harare has installed a stand alone community wind power station. There are four machines. Each has 3.6m diameter and nominal 1kW power rating.

This wind turbine is the commercial version of the ZERO project in 1996 or, more recently, the Powertronics 3600. Manx Wind Energy had me design it. I also use one to power my home in Scotland.  A new company African Windpower has been set up to manufacture the machines.

The site at Temararuru is a showpiece for African Windpower.
Sited prominently on the road from Nyanga, it catches the eye, as well as the wind.

In an area far from the grid, this is a massive increase in available electric power for people and small businesses.

Power is stored at 48 volts DC in a 400 amphour battery, at the power centre, and converted to 220 volt AC using Powervision 3kW sine wave inverters. Powervision is a joint venture of Powertronics and Innovision (of Denmark)

Future developments will include installation of solar modules to supplement the wind turbines, and maintain the supply in calm weather. A battery charging facility will be offered at the power centre, along with low energy lights, solar modules and other electrical supplies.

Powertronics, the parent company is a power electronics manufacturing company in Harare. African Windpower is starting operations in an adjacent unit.

I want to introduce you to some of the guys there.

In the above picture, Oloff Smyth (right) is the managing director of Powertronics who has pushed the windpower process forward against the odds for the last few years.
Duncan 'Dragon' (on the left) is a "Groovy Engineer", on contract with powertronics/powervision.

Forbes Marufu (in the middle of the small pic) is an independent electrician who slings the overhead wires.

Finally here are a few of the guys who do the hands-on work, in the back of the Powertronics factory. Here they are posing with the new 4kW alternator. On the left is Rogers the fibreglass specialist, on the right is Thinkmore who does all the windings. Who was that guy in the middle again...?

don't forget to check the African Windpower 36 page for more details.

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