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4th December 2006

Rooftop wind turbines are a load of nonsense

Anyone who has experience in the industry knows that wind turbines require substantial quantities of wind to produce power.  There may be strong gusts and turbulence around buildings but only a small amount of power  is available in such locations.

There are a number of manufacturers of rooftop wind turbines.  They have sprung up to meet popular demand.  There is no evidence that their products can deliver what they claim.  Here are some of the web sites.

The manufacturers of rooftop wind turbines invariably make quite unrealistic claims, and present a very strong marketing rather than engineering image.  They are always looking for very large numbers of sales before demonstrating the technology in a public way.  They often play on public misconceptions of the nature of the wind by quoting high power outputs in absurdly windy conditions.

It is possible to use wind energy in sheltered locations by the use of very tall towers.  The tower is a bigger cost than the turbine.  But it pays for itself easily.

See the recent article in the Observer newspaper


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