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(updated 27th November 2012)
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GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT MY COURSES: Each day consists of workshop sessions with opportunities to gain hands-on experience of carving wooden blades, winding coils and fitting magnets into purpose built alternators for windpower,  wiring, fabrication, erection and all aspects which can be covered as time allows.  There is a very minimal amount of formal classroom presentation, largely controlled by demand.

A complete wind turbine will be built from scratch and erected.  Full drawings are provided as part of the course. 

I should stress that these courses are to teach you how to build a wind generator, so please do not expect that you will go home with a completed wind generator.

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COURSES Calendar 2012

This is a list of all the courses that I am involved in
I update it from time to time as more courses get organised. 
Most of these courses are organised by others
and need to be booked through them using the links provided below.

I am teaching at all of these.

Please note that many but not all of them are 'How to Build a Wind Turbine' courses.

December 12-16
CAT windpower course Wales
is not a public course sorry.

2013 courses
see page on blog site
Scoraig,  Denmark, France, Ireland,
Contact me if you need advance information.  Nothing is very fixed yet.

Other people doing similar courses:

Eirbyte in Ireland 

Eirbyte Renewable Energy
Co Leitrim

V3 DIY renewable Energy Coop courses calendar

If you or anyone you know are interested please send us an email with your details - [email protected]

French (stage en France en Francais) courses with Tripalium

Livrée aux mille hurlants
Aux voleurs de poussières
Une dame de pales
En costume rafale
Prête ses trois oreilles
à l'amant rugissant

Trois aiguilles à recoudre
Dans le ciel déchiré
Un soleil clignotant
Aux allures de vautour
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Enfante des syphons
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The Otherpower crew teach some seminars.  These guys really know what they are doing.


"There's nothing better than 'hands-on' experience when you tackle the big project of building your first wind turbine and tower. We (and others) do offer in-depth, hands-on seminars at various locations around the USA. We also offer seminars at our wind turbine shop in Colorado, and we can travel to your location.
Contact us for more information if you want to book a seminar of your own here in Colorado for 2-4 students, or seminar at your own location. Many of these seminars we put on are made possible by grant money from universities and community colleges, who sponsor instructors and professors to attend. We can also provide references from past seminars."

Most solar than wind but a wide range of courses in renewable energy systems.

Islandmcgrath Ecofarm, Islandmcgrath, Clarecastle, Co. Clare. Irish Republic

Tel 065 6841552  Mob : 087 4000393

Eddie Connors is a qualified Woodwork, Technology, Maths, Science, and IT Secondary level teacher, B. Ed. Tech. in Wood and Building Technology (Honours), University of Limerick.  He worked in St. Mary’s Secondary School, New Ross, Co. Wexford for 6 years. He has had a fitted furniture business for the past ten years and trained many carpentry apprentices over these years who now work in the carpentry trade as well.

Over the past 10 years, Eddie has been  studying  different  courses  on Nature,  Wildlife, Eco-Living and Renewable Energy. Because imecofarm is situated in such a favourable location, on the Fergus Estuary, across from Dromoland and Shannon, it has a great variety of habitats and biodiversity. Imecofarm is a place for people to visit for a relaxing walk,  see the renewable energy displays at IslandMcGrath House, or attend an eco course.

Purpose of the Build your own wind turbine workshop courses :To inspire, empower, and inform participants who wish to build small wind turbines.  To cater for people from all backgrounds, age-groups, nationalities, and educational levels.  To provide some basic theoretical understanding, and to develop the necessary workshop skills and confidence to enable participants to undertake small wind turbine construction projects safely.
  Course at Liverpool in 2000.

Scope of workshop course - goal and objectives:
A five or six day course in which the participants learn as much as they are personally capable of learning about small wind turbine design and construction.  Each day, a modest amount of theoretical introduction will lead to workshop sessions with opportunities to gain hands-on experience of carving wooden blades, winding coils and fitting magnets into purpose built alternators for windpower, wiring, fabrication, erection and all aspects which can be covered as time allows.  Participants who bring their own ideas and materials to the course will be welcomed and given assistance where possible.

We would hope to complete one wind turbine during the project, and make progress in the construction of others.  Where participants have brought the materials, they will be able to take the complete (or partially complete) components (blades, alternators..) home with them.  Other work in progress will remain on site for use in future courses.


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