"How to build a wind turbine"

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with Hugh Piggott
(updated July 2014)
Green loops
Liverpool in May 2000.

2001 Scoraig Aug 2001
SEI Guemes Island WA USA Oct 2001

2002 Scoraig May 02

CAT October 2002

2003 Scoraig May 03
SEI Guemes Island
WA USA April 2003
CAT October 2003
Four Winds Edinburgh February 03
Scoraig May 2004

SEI Guemes Island
WA USA April 2004  

and 3 web diaries:


Matt Bartmann

Dan Fink

EnterpriseWorks Ghana July 2004 Four winds Edinburgh March 2004
2004 continued...
  CAT October 2004
Krug SARL, Limoux, France
15-20 November 2004
2005 There were several more courses in 2005 including Inverness, Krug SARL in Limoux and CAT in Wales. 
Sorry I did not get pages up for these courses. 

Durika community - Costa rica February 2005

Green Loops Liverpool January 2005
                winds 05
Four Winds Edinburgh March 2005

sabbatical year

Scoraig June
Guemes Island USA(1 2 3) in May
Ireland September
gyreum ecolodge

CAT October facebook group with photoscat
France August

Holland February 15-20

Scoraig April

Nice photos by Zoltan
Scoraig July 2008
France August 2008

Gort, Galway, Ireland
September 2008

photos here
blueEnergy Nicaragua
Oct-November 2008



Mia's pictures
Indukuri's gallery

Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia
27th April - 2nd May 2009

Scoraig/Shanti Griha/23-30 May

More photos here

Scoraig/Shanti Griha/6-13th June
video on Youtube

Anwan France August
17 au 21 Aout 2009

Ireland September 2009

Picture diary/blog by Anne Schiffer
CAT course 27 September-2 Oct 2009
Making the stator
Magnet rotor
Metal frame and tail
Blades and assembly

Leucate France 12-17 April

Normandy France April 2010

More videos from France in May:

Small 1200 turbine video

Eddy's coil winder system video
Scoraig wind turbine workshop May 2010

CAT Aug-September 2010

More photos here

Ireland September 2010

Homebuilt Wind Generators
Guemes Island WA, USA, October 2010

Limerle Belgium April 2011
and gallery
Scoraig 14-20th May 2011

Scoraig 5-12 May 2012

Workshop in Leitrim with Eirbyte
Ireland June 2012

Kilkenny Ireland August 2012
Kingsriver community with Glas Learning and Eirbyte


Location: Naturgarten Schoenegge
Date: 3rd � 7th October 2012
With Greenstep

Guemes Island, Washington USA

October 15-20, 2012


photos of workshop course Scoraig April 2013

Tripalium workshop course in France May 2013

plus >
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark
plus >

Photos of the workshop course Scoraig April 2014
scoraig 2014

Some of the feedback from the 2004 SEI homebuilt wind workshop at Guemes Island, WA USA
(Just for the record, all of this stuff was spontaneous.  I can't take all the credit...  I think this sort of event attracts people who know how to have a good time and get things done together. - Hugh)

i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the workshop. we all had an amazing time.  i feel like i learned more in that one week than in any other week of my life.  the entire package was inspiring - from the group to the shop work to the late night music sessions.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the workshop. for me it truly was a dream come true.  your passion, patience, and accessibility are amazing and inspiring.  thank you for all the time you spent explaining things to us and for all the materials you provided to us.  i hope we get the chance to meet again soon.

 I just wanted to say how much I truly appreciate your efforts and commitment to the course and evolving your personal life vision as well.  Your clear communication, amazing level of patience with us all, and your mellow manored, friendly personality, has made my experience quite epic.  For all this and more I truly give thanks.

 Thanks so much for your guidance and inspiration, Hugh.  You may be more famous than you realize, but you are less famous than you deserve.  Ian, the same can be said for you. 
I know that my personal understanding of self only evolves with meaningful experiences that stretch the limits of my abilities.  After your workshop(s), I felt all stretched out and both more ignorant and more enlightened.  I'll treasure my experience at Guemes wherever my feet take me, and wherever the wind propels my spirit.

Thanks again for sharing your week up on Guemes!  We all had a great time... (of course!) - and learned a good bit!  It's such an unusual opportunity to learn and make good friends.
Its wonderful that you put on such amazing events.  I had a great week.  the weather/people were more than we could've hoped for. 

Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you.  The workshops were a success; good people, great instructors, lots of nuggets to be gleaned.  It's always good to visit Guemes, find her to be a reminder of where i hope to be heading.  Looking forward to October's installation, believe i'm signed up- i'll check and make sure we're all in the know.  If Hugh is still around please pass on my thank you, it was a  privledge to accept what he had to offer. Take care, see you in another six months-