WINDHORSE FARM wind turbine workshop with Silverfoot

27th April - 2nd May 2009
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Our hosts Jim and Margaret Drescher

Our accommodation at the farm.
Rob and Anka cooked us amazing food each day.

We completed a ten-foot turbine and a six-footer too.  Above the ten-foot frame.

Frame of the first ten-foot machine.

Coils for the six-footer

Assembling the six footer.

In a bout of extreme absent-mindedness, the first rotor casting for the six-footer only had six magnets in it.
Here we are fishing them out again just in time before the resin set.  The next one had eight magnets.

More absent mindedness.  It's all too easy to swap the alternator bracket left or right when the yaw bearing is welded on.  No big deal but disconcerting.  These are the two frames we made.  We made most of a second ten-foot turbine.

Detail of the tower top adapter.

CBC television covered the workshop and will broadcast a program soon.

A new idea I got from Jason - start the wires by pushing them through a little hole in the winder.

Soldering a ten-foot stator.

The ten foot blades

Taking the turbine and tower up the hill though the woods.

Putting the ten-footer on the tower.

Getting ready for the erection and the maypole dance...

The Maypole dance.

We got a small breeze too and I saw 4- 5 amps at times into the 24-volt battery.

Preparing the six-footer for truck testing.

A lot of data was collected, but I am not sure the windspeeds were very accurate given the way the machine was right in front of the truck.  Anyway the machine kicked out 350 watts and furled nicely.

It certainly was fun though...

The group photo - with most of the group on the last day.

BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Garrett Anders-Lauten, Jim and Margaret Drescher, Kevin Lyles, Tom MacDonald, Cam Larocque, Kenneth MacKenzie, Lou Putney, Ryan Berkinshow, Wade Short, Jeffrey Allen, Babak Farsi, Anna Mukpo, John Knowles, Jim Wagner,Carl Youngbluth, Woody Thompson, and Melani Pigat

FRONT ROW; Jonathan McKeever, Nyima Wimberly, Leonard Hanrahan, David Nodding, Hugh Piggott, Bill Gregory, Phillippe Inácio-Goetsch, Roberto Gueli, Anke Kungl

Greg Pace and Robie Gourd, in centre and right hand side here
 Chester Pyne on right here
and Peter Knowles