Crann Og workshop with Eirbyte September 2009


2400 long, 400 wide root, 100 wide tip
Laminated from 4 x2 timber in 2 big stacks and then cut into 4 blade blanks on the slant.

Niall notching out wood with his chainsaw.

The gang working with a will.

Windward face completed.

The back was more difficult to saw because Niall could not see the line.
We fixed a baton and also had a guy to shout.

These cuts are close enough together that you can knock the wood out with a hammer alone.

We didn't have drawknives long enough half the time.

Trailing edge.

Setting the blades level and fixing the plywood.
Each finished blade weighed 10 kg.

We left the studs loose, and the blades dropped on very nicely.

Checking and adjusting the tracking.

Balancing.  A fair sized lump of lead.

She ran sweet and slow.  Cut in for 24 volts around 90 rpm.