Crann Og workshop with Eirbyte September 2009

Erection of the turbine

Connected the gin pole to the guys prior to lowering Flor's turbine and fitting the one we built.

On the left are 2 cables to the anchor.  On the right are the three guys for the tower. 
Underneath is the gin pole, just fitted.  The Tirfor is going to be attached to the shackle under the gin pole. 
Then the 2 cables are removed by undoing their turnbuckles.

The blades go on much more easily when the alternator lies on its back.

Niall tightens up the alternator nuts - after the blades are on their studs.

Checking the blade tracking by measuring the distance from the tower.

Balancing.  A light breeze now and then makes it difficult to do this outside.

Taking it back apart for painting.  Jimmy signals the girls to stop lowering.