Notes based on a session during the Centre for Alternative Technology Windpower Course
Notes written and taught by Hugh Piggott with input from Claus Nybroe.

The first time I did this talk at CAT they threw me in with no preparation, "Just come as you are!" and I had to wave my arms about a lot. Since then I have done it countless times, but I still get more than a few blank looks. It's probably the most obscure bit of the course. Finally after about ten years, I have produced a full set of notes.   Sorry I did not explain Betz's theorem, or 'tip speed ratio'. Buy my book  'Windpower Workshop' and read the whole story :-)

The notes were originally a series of graphics file documents (GIFs) written in a logical order.
To see them in GIF format go to Ian's site where I put them before I had my own page.

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thanks to "F. Marc de Piolenc" <[email protected]> for the pdf document

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