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Pictures of the Durika community and our lives there during the workshop course in February 2005.

The two Brians traveled with me by bus from San Jose.  Here we stopped at 10,000 feet altitude for a leg stretch and coffee.  Brian Vick on the left came to oversee the welding work, and Brian Faley came to manage the electrical construction.  We could not have done it without these two stalwart volunteers!

We traveled by taxi up the 15 km track from Buenos Aires to Durika.  6 km of the track is only five years old - before that they walked through the heat, and climbed through the forest to the community at 5500 feet in the mountains.  All supplies came on their backs, or on the pack horses.

The community is built on steeply sloping ground with stunning views.  The buildings are mostly nailed together from local wood and roofed with corrugated iron.  The construction is light, simple and strong.

They were just building this house below as we arrived.  We were to use this for our woodwork shop.

Here below you can see it with the roof on and the workshop in progress.

The day started at about 6 am.  Eugenio took us for walks in the forest.  Here he is with Guillaume Craig from blueEnergy, sharing a laugh as usual.

Bringing home the bananas.

Nona keeps busy with her embroidery on the restaurant balcony.

Guillaume records my words of wisdom for posterity.  I did a few impromptu chats about theory to supplement the workshop experience.  Vilma or Eugenio would simultaneously translate into Spanish.

Ian Woofenden the instigator and tireless organiser of the course takes a cup of juice in the corner of the workshop with Eugenio.

The electrical and resin casting workshop was also a house under construction.  We had good ventilation for the resin casting!

Vilma also took us into the forest and showed us the flowers, birds and trees.
some vivid fungus.
views from the ridge above the community

trekking home.  Chris and Fernando.


There were several little peccaries wandering around the habitation.
Meals were excellent vegetarian dishes, served in the restaurant.

The girls brought us drinks of fruit juice in between.

It was the end of the dry season, but it did rain one afternoon, and it absolutely poured down.

After that, Anselmo put the ridge cap onto our workshop roof.

Juan Carlos bringing home the goats.

The queue for the restaurant was out on the balcony.

Vanessa, Katade, and Anaise serving the food.

An evening with the Durikan community.  I would like to thank them all for welcoming us right into their home.

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