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Blade carving for the Durika wind turbineBack

Blackboard time.  Hugh explaining blade theory.
The view from the blade carving workshop is amazing.  We could see all the way down to Buenos Aires.

Jeff and Fernando watch Norman at work on a blade.

Ron Nichols holds the level while Bill Roman checks the 'drop'.
The timber did warp (at the tip) so some adjustments to the blades were necessary as we progressed.

Eugenio inspects the trailing edge.

Hugh talking again.

Norman fits an extra piece to a blade root to fair it into the neighbouring blade and fill between the plywood clamps.

Nathaniel (a member of the community who attended the workshop) hard at work.

Ron shapes the plywood hub for maximum streamlining.

Ron helps Eugenio with the tail vane.  Using a bucket to draw the curves on the corners.

Chris Chavez and others laying out the blades prior to fixing the hub together.

Bill Roman drills through the blade assembly , guided by Alexander and Fernando.

Ready for balancing.
Alexander Garcia Fernandez, Kyle Childress, Aaron Eisenberg, Alexander Mora and Bill Roman pose for the photo.

Cary Church (in sunglasses) watches as Ron mounts the blades on a spike for balancing.

We added weights until it would sit level on the spike.
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