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'How to Build a Wind Turbine' 
"the axial flux plans"
recipe book
Windmill building workshop courses page
Complete 10 foot axial flux wind turbine kit

Hi Hugh,
Attached is a picture of our completted generator.  It seems to be working great.  We are getting about 400 watts in 20mph of wind.  It also starts up in very light winds.  We are so pleased with it.  Thanks a bunch.  You can see the ships wheel in the picture.  Life just got better on board, thanks to your design.

Links and addresses
To people around the world who are building axial flux wind turbines using my design.

"Bloody good stuff!"

(Rob Webster)
I'm in the final stages of making an 8-foot turbine from your plans and am today extremely chuffed with myself!  I assembled the alternator and made sure the blade assembly fitted onto the studs, and amazingly, everything worked a treat.  This is the first time I have done anything even remotely like this, and knew nothing of welding, wood-carving, or polyester resin.  I just wanted to say thanks for such a superb and comprehensive manual, which as i have proved, is effective as a guide for even the most modestly qualified renewables enthusiast.  If you want to have a look, i've been keeping a diary at http://www.robertwebster.org/wind_turbine1.htm



Home brew wind turbine parts from Forcefield

Sets of ten foot blades, magnets, tempates, books etc.
These guys have several good web sites.
Homebrew renewable energy: www.otherpower.com
Fun with magnets and magnetism: www.wondermagnet.com
Online shopping cart: www.forcefieldmagnets.com
Renewable energy discussion forum: www.fieldlines.com

interesting axial alternator kit

The nirvana project - history of the largest alternator we have built on Scoraig
Alan holding the front rotor.

Pedal power based on the axial flux design.


a new rather basic website for diy renewable energy enthusiasts. Based in the UK
It will hopefully be a base for discussion via the guestbook to share ideas and thoughts

ALAN LODGE out with the V3power folks in Nottingham

2007 Nottingham Wind Turbine Workshop
second page
Spring into Action :: Build your own wind turbine workshop
Sounds on the Downs - Wind Turbine Set-up


Fisher & Paykel "smart drive"
washing machine motors in New Zealand
Very good motors for use in homebrew wind and hydro turbines.
(It does have some issues with cogging.)
For more information, see the two sites below.

fisher paykel

For information and applications go to Michael Lawley's site http://www.ecoinnovation.co.nz/
Pelton turbine - Low voltage twin pack 
Smart Drive Reconnection Manual 
Smart 400 Wind Turbine ­ MK2 
Chinese Turbine 
Turgo Rotor 
At the foot of Mt Taranaki a rural family is self-sufficient in energy.   There’s enough surplus to run a backpackers and a manufacturing business that  exports hydro and wind turbines built around Smart Drives from washing machines. 
Windmill kits from the backshed
Glen Littleford's site http://www.thebackshed.com/
in Queensland, Australia.

This web site is for fellow hobbyists with an interest in this ancient  and modern technology. With the price of solar cells still to expensive for the back yard tinker-er, windmills offer a cheap alternative, even if it involves a bit of hard work and basic handyman skills.

backshedthe backshed

Quick links to older stuff on this site Homebuilt windpower - general information
Mostly rather dated but useful
Blade theory Blade carving - diagrams Blade carving -colour pics Power performance testing of small wind turbines
Free downloadable pdf files for blade manufacture and other aspects of small wind/battery systems Permanent magnet alternator construction manual - free download in acrobat pdf Using a servomotor as a pm generator Notes for brakedrum builders - extra information to supplement my plans
Differences between the 'European' and the 'North American' versions of the brakedrum design
Magnet suppliers
Technical stuff about load control circuits Current in 3-phase cables
Performance and noise curves for the AirX turbine from Paul Gipe's personal research program are now available here.

Power performance testing of small wind turbines Blade design spreadsheet
Free downloadable pdf files for blade manufacture and other aspects of small wind/battery systems.

Renewable energy options for electricity supply on the Isle of Eigg
 A report on the potential for small hydro, wind and photovoltaic systems on the island
pmg construction manual is now available for free download IN DANISH (på Dansk) Scoraig where I live : Our house Tour of the Scoraig wind turbines in year 2000 More information about Hugh (rather dated needs revising:-)
'How to Build a Wind Turbine' 
"the axial flux plans"

Information about African Windpower and the AWP36 wind turbine,some picsand its history



Magnet suppliers worldwide - based in Colorado - great discussion board.
2" x 1" x .5" magnets blocks for $6.50 each in quantity
Magnet plates in the UK

This is where I get my disks from
(very quick, helpful service)
E-Teq (Scotland) Limited

Unit 3A 
Edingham Industrial Estate 
Dumfries & Galloway 
DG5 4NA 

    tel 01556 612128 
    fax 01556 612537 
mobile 07900 926052
[email protected] 

"Today I collected the two 8mm magnet rotor places from a specialist laser cutting firm in Tewkesbury. They made them beautifully including the holes and tapping 12mm as suggested. They charged me £30 which I thought was reasonable. I can recommend the firm, which is called 
' EMSEA LTD, unit 5E Delta Drive, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8HB. Tel: 01684 299156'"


CMS Magnetics Co.
 Reliable Source of Permanent Magnets

a leading manufacturer and global distributor of licensed high quality rare
earth neodymium NdFeB magnets
we have the lowest price for high quality 2"x1"x0.5" NdFeB Neodymium wind turbine magnets

Magnet suppliers in the UK
Sell neodymium magnets suitable for use in the axial plans for £3.95 each. 

Magnet suppliers in Australia
stock the 2" x 1" x 1/2" magnets for the axial flux design. 

New EU magnet supplier in Sweden

One box with 24 pcs neodym magnets 40H 46*30*10 Price 108 EUR
Specialist immersion heaters for low voltage etc

David Fay
TP Fay (Kirkby) Ltd
The ONLY Name in Elements and Catering Spares
Tel 0151 546 6232
Fax 0151 549 1477

Tel +44 151 546 6232
Fax +44 151 549 1477
 Copper winding wire in the UK: 
EC WIRE LTD (01924) 266 377 
[email protected]

affordable alternative energy solutions
Importing chinese technology into the UK 

Homebrew flux-meter device information 

E-mail me at: [email protected]